Work Zones Driving Laws by State

Work Zone laws across the country
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Updated: April, 2024

Many state impose stricter fines for traffic violations in a road work zone. These stricter penalties are referred to as Enhancements. Enhancements typically double the original fine or impose a flat additional fine to the fine. The map above shows which moving violations Work Zone Enhancements apply to.

The penalty enhancements are designed to discourage dangerous driving in road work area and save lives.

In the table below the “Workers Present” and “Signs Present” columns indicate whether or not workers and signs must be present in order for the penalty enhancements to apply.

Additionally, the table below shows exactly which violations may receive the penalty enhancements and lists what the penalty enhancement is in each state.

StateApplicable LawsLaw EnhancementWorkers PresentSigns Present
AlabamaAlabamaSpeedingDouble original fineYesYes
AlaskaAlaskaAllDouble original fineNoNo
ArizonaArizonaSpeedingDouble original fineYesYes
ArkansasArkansasAll moving traffic violationsDouble original fineYesYes
CaliforniaCaliforniaVariousDouble original fineYesYes
ColoradoColoradoAllDouble original fineNoNo
ConnecticutConnecticutAll moving traffic violationsDouble original fineYesYes
DelawareDelawareAll moving violationsAt least double original fine (1st offense)NoYes
District of ColumbiaDistrict of ColumbiaVariousDouble original fineYesNo
FloridaFloridaSpeedingDouble original fineYesYes
GeorgiaGeorgiaSpeeding$100-$2,000 and/or up to 12 months in jailNoYes
HawaiiHawaiiSpeedingAdditional $250NoNo
IdahoIdahoSpeedingAdditional $50NoYes
IllinoisIllinoisSpeeding$375 (1st offense); $1,000 (subsequent offenses)NoYes
IndianaIndianaSpeeding$300 (1st offense); $500 (2nd offense); $1,000 (3rd offense within 3 years)NoYes
IowaIowaAll moving vehicle violationsDouble original fine (up to $1,000)NoYes
KansasKansasAll moving vehicle violationsDouble original fineNoYes
KentuckyKentuckySpeedingDouble original fineNoNo
LouisianaLouisianaSpeedingDouble original fineYesNo
MaineMaineSpeedingDouble original fineNoYes
MarylandMarylandSpeedingUp to $1,000NoYes
MassachusettsMassachusettsSpeedingDouble original fineNoYes
MichiganMichiganAll moving vehicle violationsDouble original fine and at least 3 pointsNoYes
MinnesotaMinnesotaSpeedingDouble original fine (minimum $300)YesYes
MississippiMississippiNoneUp to $250 (1st offense), double original fine (subsequent offenses)YesNo
MissouriMissouriSpeeding or passingAdditional $250 (1st offense); additional $300 (subsequent offenses); Up to $10,000 fine and loss of license for Endangerment of a highway workerYesYes
MontanaMontanaAllMinimum double original fineYesYes
NebraskaNebraskaSpeedingDouble original fineYesYes
NevadaNevadaVariousDouble original fine (up to $1,000), 6 months jail time, or 120 hours community serviceYesYes
New HampshireNew HampshireSpeeding$250-$500YesYes
New JerseyNew JerseyAll moving vehicle violationsDouble original fineNoYes
New MexicoNew MexicoSpeedingDouble original fineNoYes
New YorkNew YorkSpeeding$90-$600 or up to 30 days in jail, or bothNoYes
North CarolinaNorth CarolinaSpeedingAdditional $250 plus court costsNoYes
North DakotaNorth DakotaSpeedingMinimum $80YesYes
OhioOhioSpeedingDouble original fineNoYes
OklahomaOklahomaSpeedingDouble original fineYesYes
OregonOregonVariousDouble original fine (few exceptions)NoNo
PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaVariousDouble original fineYesYes
Rhode IslandRhode IslandSpeedingDouble original fineNoYes
South CarolinaSouth CarolinaSpeeding$75-$200 or up to 30 days jail, or bothNoYes
South DakotaSouth DakotaSpeedingDouble original fine (up to $500) or 30 days jail, or bothYesYes
TexasTexasAll moving vehicle violationsDouble original fineYesYes
UtahUtahSpeedingMinimum double original fineYesYes
VermontVermontSpeedingDouble original fineNoYes
VirginiaVirginiaSpeedingUp to $500YesYes
WashingtonWashingtonSpeedingDouble original fineNoNo
West VirginiaWest VirginiaSpeedingUp to $200 or 20 days in jail, or bothYesYes
WisconsinWisconsinVariousDouble original fineYesNo