How To Avoid Speeding Tickets

Everyone speeds a little bit, but not everyone gets pulled over. So how can you avoid getting a speeding ticket without driving like grandma? There are a lot of tips, tricks, and techniques drivers can use to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

First, almost officers will not pull you over if you are going less than 10 m.p.h. over the posted speed limit. In certain areas, officers will not pull someone over until they are going at least 20 m.p.h. over the posted speed limit. Even Google’s self-driving car is programmed to drive above the speed limit.

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Before we gone on, it is important to know the different kinds of speed limit laws. Most states have what is known as an absolute speed limit. This means if you are going above the posted speed limit then you are in violation. In California and Texas there is what is known as prima facie speed limit which roughly translates as “first appearance.” Prima facie speed limit means you may drive as fast as you like as long as you are going safe for conditions. If an officer cites you for driving 15 M.P.H. over the speed limit, but it is a clear day with no one else on the road, you could argue that you were driving safe for the road conditions and thus, not in violation. The final type is basic speed limit. All states have a basic speed limit that says you may not drive at an unsafe speed for road conditions. Even if you are driving 5 M.P.H. below the absolute speed limit, if it is icy and there is low visibility, you could be cited for violating the basic speed limit. This type of speeding is typically issued after an accident occurs.

Sublet Tactics for Avoiding a Ticket

There are many techniques to avoid getting a ticket. Many boil down to driving safely, even if you are driving above the speed limit. Here is a quick list of our best tips and tricks for avoiding a speeding ticket.

  • On the highway, there are often lines of cars going 10 or 20 mph over the speed limit. Avoid being the first or last car in a line of speeders.
  • Even if you could drive 80 mph safely, if other cars on the highway are going 60 mph, you are creating a dangerous situation by passing cars that fast. Driving significantly faster than those around you greatly increases you chances of getting a pulled over.
  • Flashy sports cars are more likely to get pulled over. Even if you are going the same speed, a red Mustang is more likely to be pulled over than a gray Prius.
  • If you are on the highway and someone is tailgating you, do not increase you speed above where you feel comfortable just because someone else wants to go faster. At the same time, be sure to practice lane curtesy and let other cars pass if they want to.
  • If you are the only car on the road it is easier for the officer to pull you over. If you are in a group of several cars speeding, statistically you are less likely to be pulled over. The officer can only stop one of you.
  • Watch for placed officers can easily hide such as behind overpasses and bridges. Slow down as you pass potential speed trap areas.

Above all else, drive safely for the road conditions at all times. Police give speeding tickets to keep us all safe.

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