Drunk Driving Driving Laws by State

DWI Blood Alcohol Limits across the country
Lower BAC
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Updated: February, 2024

Drunk Driving laws exist in every state and are mandated by the federal government. States without laws against drunk driving receive less federal funding for roads.

In all states the legal limit for driving is below 0.08% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Driving above this limit is known as Driving under the Influence (DUI) in most states. In all but 2 states (Vermont and Mississippi) there is a second higher BAC limit above which you are considered Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Driving While Intoxicated carries stricter mandatory sentences including increased fines, loss of license, forfeiture of car, and even jail time for a first offence in some states.

The map above shows the BAC limit for Driving While Intoxicated in each state.

StateLegal Limit BACIncreased Penalty BAC
AlabamaAlabama0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
AlaskaAlaska0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
ArizonaArizona0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
ArkansasArkansas0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
CaliforniaCalifornia0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
ColoradoColorado0.08% BAC0.17% BAC
ConnecticutConnecticut0.08% BAC0.16% BAC
DelawareDelaware0.08% BAC0.16% BAC
District of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia0.08% BAC0.20% BAC
FloridaFlorida0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
GeorgiaGeorgia0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
HawaiiHawaii0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
IdahoIdaho0.08% BAC0.20% BAC
IllinoisIllinois0.08% BAC0.16% BAC
IndianaIndiana0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
IowaIowa0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
KansasKansas0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
KentuckyKentucky0.08% BAC0.18% BAC
LouisianaLouisiana0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
MaineMaine0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
MarylandMaryland0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
MassachusettsMassachusetts0.08% BAC0.20% BAC
MichiganMichigan0.08% BAC0.17% BAC
MinnesotaMinnesota0.08% BAC0.20% BAC
MississippiMississippi0.08% BAC0.00% BAC
MissouriMissouri0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
MontanaMontana0.08% BAC0.16% BAC
NebraskaNebraska0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
NevadaNevada0.08% BAC0.18% BAC
New HampshireNew Hampshire0.08% BAC0.16% BAC
New JerseyNew Jersey0.08% BAC0.10% BAC
New MexicoNew Mexico0.08% BAC0.16% BAC
New YorkNew York0.08% BAC0.18% BAC
North CarolinaNorth Carolina0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
North DakotaNorth Dakota0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
OhioOhio0.08% BAC0.17% BAC
OklahomaOklahoma0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
OregonOregon0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania0.08% BAC0.16% BAC
Rhode IslandRhode Island0.08% BAC0.10% BAC
South CarolinaSouth Carolina0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
South DakotaSouth Dakota0.08% BAC0.17% BAC
TennesseeTennessee0.08% BAC0.20% BAC
TexasTexas0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
UtahUtah0.08% BAC0.16% BAC
VermontVermont0.08% BAC0.00% BAC
VirginiaVirginia0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
WashingtonWashington0.08% BAC0.17% BAC
West VirginiaWest Virginia0.08% BAC0.15% BAC
WisconsinWisconsin0.08% BAC0.17% BAC
WyomingWyoming0.08% BAC0.15% BAC